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It is the mission of Roane County Schools to provide each student wit the best educational opportunities possible and to assist each child in reaching his/her maximum potential-academically, emotionally, physically, and socially.
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  • Second graders at Spencer Elementary learning and practicing place value with a Math Coach/Technology Integration Specialist created bingo game!
  • Second graders at Spencer Elementary participating with "digital math flash cards".
  • Mr. Daniel Ricks of RCHS is the 2016-17 Roane County Teacher of the Year.
  • Mrs. Brenda Gibson, 2016-17 Roane County Service Personnel of the Year
  • Mrs. Susan Bing, 2016-17 Roane County Elementary School Teacher of the Year
  • Mrs. Deana Kendall, 2016-17 Roane County MIddle School Teacher of the Year

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Summer Reading Kick-Off Event

10 months ago

      A grant prepared by Mrs. Lisa Alfred, Roane County Schools Reading Specialist, consisted of promoting early childhood reading to improve student school readiness. One of the items prepared with this grant was a Summer Reading Beach Party held at the Spencer Skating Rink. Students entering Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten were invited to attend this event. One hundred children came to the skating rink with a parent or guardian to participate. Students received multiple books and many raffles were held to provide additional opportunities to take home educational tools.

    Members of the Roane County High School Student Council volunteered time to help Mrs. Alfred with the developed stations during this event. She shares, "I couldn't have done it without them." Mrs. Alfred also states, "Thank you to everyone who attended to help make this such a successful event for early childhood readers."

Our Digital Photo Album of the Event

By Tina Riley