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Board Members

about 1 year ago

Jeff Mace, President, 2538 Amma Road Clendenin, WV 25045 District #3 - Term Expires: 6/30/18

Greg Boggs, Vice President, 689 Parkersburg Road Spencer, WV 25276 District #1 - Term Expires: 06/30/18

Eileen Richardson, 2359 Ripley Road Spencer, WV 25276 District #1 - Term Expires: 06/30/20

Jeff Tanner, 42 Snyder's Run Gandeeville, WV 25243 District #2 - Term Expires: 6/30/20

Chad Perkins, 2199 Charleston Road Spencer, WV 25276 District #2 - Term Expires: 6/30/18

Roane County Board of Education Goals 2016-17

about 1 year ago

Goal 1:

The Roane County Board of Education will support students in the development of skills and habits for personal success and academic achievement at or above state, national and international standards.

Measurable Objectives

Objective 1.1  Improve the graduation rate by 2% annually with an ultimate goal of 90% for all students and 84% for special education students by 2020.

Data Source: ZOOMWV

Objective 1.2  Increase the percentage of students college and career ready by 1% annually.

Data Source: ACT, SAT, AP Exams, CTE Completers


Objective 1.3  Increase the percentage of all students in grades 3-11 who are proficient in English language arts by 2% annually and mathematics by 3% annually. Biennially compare these results with appropriate grades levels on NAEP for state and national trends.

Data Source: WV General Summative Assessment, NAEP


Objective 1.4  Provide higher levels of rigor by increasing the percentage of students enrolled in enhanced Career Technical Education (CTE) programs delivered within the Simulated Workplace Company environments and CTE programs by 2% annually; increasing the percent of students enrolled in at least one Advanced Placement (AP) course and scoring a 3 or higher on AP exams by 1% annually; and increasing the percent of students earning college credit by 2% annually.

Data Sources: ZoomWV Course Schedules, College Board data on AP Exam Scores, CTE Completers


Objective 1.5  Provide a county-wide early childhood focus by ensuring all Roane County 4 year olds have access to universal pre-k and targeting a Pre-K to 3rd grade comprehensive literacy initiative with an ultimate goal of 75% proficiency by 2020 for all 3rd grade students. Biennially compare these results to WV Grade 4 Reading on NAEP.

Data Sources: ZoomWV Pre-K Enrollment, Early Learning Reporting System, NAEP, WV General Summative Assessment


Objective 1.6  Provide a county-wide focus on building a solid foundation in mathematics at the early grade level to ensure at least a 75% proficiency by 2020 for all 8th grade students.  Biennially compare these results to WV Grade 8 Mathematics on NAEP.

Data Sources: ZoomWV, NAEP, WV General Summative Assessment



 · Establish the structure and culture for universal access and continuous improvement of relevant and rigorous curriculum by implementing best practices through a systemic, professional and personalized learning system for both teachers and students.

 · Develop and implement a system of support for graduation by focusing on middle to high school students through a coordinated, comprehensive Graduation 20/20 School Improvement Framework.


· Increase focus on the implementation of a Simulated Workplace Company Environment, Advanced Career Programs, enhanced CTE project-based learning, and Tech Centers That Work in all CTE programs.


· Maintain and enhance the current Pre-K-12 seamless education partnerships as a means to ensure effective transitions for all students.


· Advance a unified commitment to excellence and equity in early childhood education and early learning through a comprehensive Pre-K - 5th grade approach and a county-wide Campaign for Early Literacy


· Use Math/Science Partnership initiative to target math and science achievement at the middle grades level and use transition courses to target math achievement at the high school level.


· Support capacity building within all Roane County Schools and RESA 5 to guarantee high quality instructional programs that contain rigorous and vertically aligned standards, effective teaching, and ongoing assessments.


· Support capacity building within all Roane County Schools and RESA 5 to provide differentiated instruction for all students and interventions/remediation for students who are not yet proficient nor college and career ready.


· Use WV standards based accountability system (A-F) to report progress in improving overall student achievement.


Goal  2:

The Roane County Board of Education will improve safe and supportive school environments which meet the physical, social, emotional and academic needs of every child.


Measurable Objectives

Objective 2.1  Establish, ensure and maintain safe and orderly learning environments by decreasing incidents of aggressive conduct and bullying by 1% annually.

                        Data Sources: ZoomWV-e, Early Warning System


Objective 2.2 In collaboration with other agencies, improve students’ attendance rates by 2% annually to maintain at least a 95% attendance rate and reduce the truancy percentage by 3% annually through focused efforts on at-risk students.

Data Sources: ZoomWV, Early Warning System


Objective 2.3 Increase creative and innovative practices in our schools through Innovation                     Zones to improve overall student outcomes in the areas of (1) science, technology, engineering and math (STEM); (2) community school partnership; (3) entrepreneurship; (4) career pathways; and (5) the arts.

Data Source: Innovation Zone Plan


Objective 2.4  Periodically review the culture and climate of the entire system throughout each school year.

                        Data Source: Teacher Survey


Objective 2.5  Review the dedication of resources for staffing & facility improvements and the                 restructuring of staffing and facilities to improve the efficiency of the school system.

Data Source: CEFP, Teacher/Student Ratios, Facility Utilization



· Provide comprehensive focus on school improvement initiatives through the Grad 20/20 School improvement Framework and Community Schools policy to ensure the needs of the whole child are being met.


· Utilize the Early Warning System through school leadership teams making data readily available to educators on at-risk students and matching them with appropriate interventions.


· Partner with community agencies to meet the needs of all Roane County students.


· Ensure that students in Roane County benefit from nutritious meals that foster better learning and a lifetime of good health.


Goal 3:

The Roane County Board of Education will improve organizational effectiveness through promotion, recruitment, and retention of a highly skilled workforce focused on strong instructional leadership.


Measurable Objectives

 Objective 3.1  Increase the number of accomplished teachers and leaders by 2% annually through personalized ongoing professional development aligned to the educator evaluation system.

Data Source: Educator Evaluation System Data


Objective 3.2  Increase the number of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) in Roane County Schools.

Data Source: NBCT Database


Objective 3.3 Decrease the equity gap among highly qualified teachers in low performing schools versus high performing schools by 2% annually.

Data Source: Educator Equity Plan


Objective 3.4 Decrease the number of teaching vacancies filled by substitute and/or not                       fully certified personnel.

Data Source: Certified List of Teachers



· Customize professional development aligned to the Educator Evaluation System.


· Incorporate more institutions of higher education with a WVBE approved teacher preparation program in the state and enter into an agreement with the Roane County Board of Education to establish a teacher-in-residence program.


· Advocate for increased salaries for West Virginia educators.


· Attend college job fairs.


 Goal  4:

The Roane County Board of Education will develop extensive and meaningful parent and community relationships where we communicate regularly and often with all stakeholders. 


Measurable Objectives

 Objective 4.1  Meet with each school’s LSIC at least annually.

 Data Source: Board Minutes


Objective 4.2  Meet with each low preforming school’s LSIC at least one additional time.

 Data Source: Board Minutes


Objective 4.3  Meet with each school’s student council at least annually.

Data Source: Superintendent’s Update


Objective 4.4  Support and review an updated county and school websites  that will include                     board agendas, minutes and video recordings of meetings.

Data Source: Roane County School’s Website


Objective 4.5 Hold an annual public forum to ensure our stakeholders and public understand                 our goals, objectives, & other educational issues and how they will be monitored.

Data Source:  Public Forum Attendance Sheets



· Update the Roane County Schools website to be more user friendly.


· Create a Communication Plan to ensure our community, businesses, and elected officials fully understand educational issues and plans.


Goal 5:

The Roane County Board of Education will implement and expand data management systems, teacher evaluation systems that include student performance, and overall performance management systems.


Measurable Objectives

 Objective 5.1  Continue to increase computer/device to student ratios in Roane County Schools to a 1:1 ratio by 2020.

Data Source: District Survey


Objective 5.2 Improve usability and ease of access for the WV Educational Information                         System (WVEIS) via the single sign-on portal.

 Data Source: Monitor Usage


Objective 5.3 Implement ZoomWV-e providing educators with linkages to the longitudinal data system and STAR 360 to handle progress monitoring and benchmarking of students, which will allow them to make data driven decisions to improve student outcomes.

Data Source: Monitor Usage


Objective 5.4 Will support and review the efficiency/effectiveness of instructional practices                    in our entire school system.

Data Source: eWalk Data



 · Implement and train educators on the portal to serve as a front end access point for the WVEIS.


· Provide the ability for the districts to host state provided as well as locally implemented solutions through the portal.


· Increase wireless network access within schools to support the advancement of mobile technologies.


· Continually monitor and update bandwidth as needed to meet the needs of increased student to computer ratios.


· Implement strategies to ensure that both the K-12 Network and Confidential Student Data are properly safeguarded from unauthorized access.


· Provide data management in support of Policy 2320, A Process for Improving Education: Performance Based Accreditation System (i.e A-F Rating System).

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